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MPs Guide to Procedure

Practical, clearly written guidance on House of Commons procedure for MPs and their staff.

In this section

  • Timings

    Meeting times, start and end of a Parliament, Prorogation, Queen's Speech.

  • Debates and voting

    Speeches, Opposition days, adjournment, Westminster Hall, backbench, emergency debates.

  • Questions

    Oral and written questions, PMQs, business questions, urgent questions.

  • Bills and delegated legislation

    Bill stages, amendments, Private Members' Bills, statutory instruments, EVEL.

  • Early Day Motions

    Submit, support or amend an EDM.

  • Petitions

    Presenting a paper petition in the Chamber, e-petitions and debates on petitions.

  • Statements

    Oral, written, select committee, Speaker's, and personal statements.

  • Select committees

    Members, Chairs, meetings and papers, inquiries, reports, powers.

  • European scrutiny

    European Scrutiny Committee, debates on EU documents, European committees.

  • Taxation and spending

    Budget, Finance Bill, Estimates days.

  • Publications and records

    Order Paper, Hansard, laid papers, Standing Orders, Erskine May.

  • Privilege and interests

    Freedom of speech, raising a matter of privilege, Code of Conduct, declaring and registering interests.