The use of the services below is something that should be discussed at the launch of an inquiry.

Specialist advisers

Most select committees have the power to appoint specialist advisers, either for a specific inquiry or to provide general advice across the range of the committee’s work. Such advisers are paid daily rates from a centrally managed budget and are often drawn from business, public services, and academia.

Media officers

The House employs a team of select committee media officers. Each media officer typically supports four or five committees, and their work includes shaping the committee’s overall communications strategy, advising on how to tell the story of a particular inquiry and maximise its media impact, drafting press notices for inquiry launches or report publications, and arranging press conferences.


In addition to their own staff, committees may call for research support from other parts of the House Service. The Committee Office’s Scrutiny Unit has particular expertise in finance and the law. The Parliamentary Office of Science and Technology (POST) can act as a broker between committees and academic experts.

Committees may also commission external research of their own.


The House’s Outreach and Engagement team can help to widen the field of people who know about the committee’s work, including through public meetings, workshops, networking events and online engagement.